• What can you do with ELISAcare?

    With ELISAcare, it is like being at home while you are away, because it is able to:

    Monitor daily activities

    alerting you if activities are being carried out correctly or if there are anomalies with respect to the normal course of your loved one's daily life, such as sudden changes in the usual wake or rest times or unscheduled activities in the home at a given set time.

    Receive notifications

    to have real-time visibility into the progress of your loved one's daily life. Throughout the day, ELISAcare will send you easy-to-understand notifications on your smartphone without constantly forcing you to log into the app.

    Enable smart reminders

    capable of playing personalized audio and visual alarms. With this feature, you help your loved one in remembering daily appointments or the correct intake of medications at the designated times.

    Have a help request sent to you

    thanks to the convenient SOS function. All it takes is for your loved one to touch the surface of the device so that you can receive a real-time notification on your smartphone.

    Respect the Privacy

    through the use of an encrypted data communication network that does not resort to the use of cameras or microphones, operating on European servers with high security standards (GDPR compliant).

    Expand the system

    adding environmental and activity sensors to increase your loved one's safety within his or her home environment.

  • Services offered

    With ELISAcare you will access a world of services designed for you and your loved ones:
    • Unlimited use of ELISAcare app

    • Constant monitoring of activities in the home

    • Notifications and SOS alerts in real time

    • Up-to-date monitoring algorithms thanks to applied artificial intelligence

    • Customization of ELISAcare based on your loved one's habits

    • Detailed daily graphs of household activities

    • Ability to call your loved one directly from app

    • Always up-to-date notification center

    • Ability to trigger smart reminders remotely and receive confirmation of correct execution

  • FAQs